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A kleptomaniac caretaker is forced to go on the run when her lies unravel.

Partnered with
The Gotham Fiscal Sponsorship


In conjunction with The Gotham Fiscal Sponsorship, we hope to receive money through donations from companies that align with our vision.

This will birth a meaningful philanthropic partnership, helping to aid others in need while also broadcasting donors to a larger audience.

We aim to not demonize personality disorders in this film, but to help illustrate the dangers of undiagnosed illnesses.


Many of our cast and crew are New Yorkers, born and raised. They have been in productions on Broadway and Off-Broadway, Gossip Girl (2021), Bacarau (2020), Law and Order (2022), etc. Together, we want to make a film that reflects the people, problems, and places that are unique to New York City.

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